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We will actively come alongside you to source the best available candidates for your role. We will make this process easy while providing exceptional service.

We provide professionalism and warmth to companies and candidates so that hiring can be easy, effective, and enjoyable. We are here to make your company better without adding to your plate!

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We are a team that pairs recruiting and digital marketing so that you can shortlist your hires from the largest pool available. 

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Sourcing & Marketing Your Role:


  • We will review your job post and will provide recommendations to make sure it is written in a way that will attract the best candidates. 

  • We will use our Applicant Tracking Software to post to premium channels such as: Linked In, ZipRecruiter, etc. at no additional cost. As well, we will post to 30+ other job boards (including, Indeed,, Monster, Google, Kijiji, etc.). There are no additional costs to you associated with any of these premium sites. 

  • Utilizing our digital marketing team we will actively present your job post so that it stays on the radar of active and passive candidates. We will provide you with a social media post for your company and will market your job on our social media channels.

  • We will utilize personal connections to bring in the best hires. We will help you set up a referral program so that your current employees are able share your job utilizing their connections. As well, we will circulate jobs to our internal candidate pool.


Communication & Reporting:

  • As resumes come in we will build candidate profiles that combine resume & social media profiles to build a comprehensive report on your future employee.

  • You will have access every step of the way to review our graded candidate profiles, without the hassle of having a flooded inbox. You will be provided with an employer portal to our recruiting software so that you can access the profiles at your convenience.

  • We will grade applicants and will filter out spam applicants so that you can direct your energies to a premium shortlist of candidates based on your criteria.

  • We will also include analytics on what what posting sites were used to receive applicants so that you can increase your knowledge for future hires

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What We Ensure:

  • We will provide a personal touch through every step of the process as we work with you. Although we utilize recruiting software, we want to make sure you can receive the needed personal support from our recruiting and marketing team.

  • We personalize the process to reflect your company’s values in our marketing and communication. We want to make sure that we represent your company and provide a first class experience for every applicant. We respond to every candidate that applies with professionalism and warmth so that they receive clarity and a personal connection throughout the process.

  • For no extra cost we will screen your top 3 candidates with our customized candidate assessment forms to help provide clarity as you look to finalize your preferred hire.

Our Process

We want to make this process as easy for you as possible. Once your job post is prepared we will take it from there and do all the work to get you an amazing pool of applicants. You simply need to sit back and decide on who you want to hire! 


Colleagues at Work


Job Interview


You Prepare the Job Post
Hire Us!

We Edit Your Post to Maximize Its Impact & Reach

We Distribute To 30+ Sites and Enhance Your Reach

We Market Your Post Digitally & Provide a Unique Social Media Post For You

We Build A Referral Program & Will Circulate to Our Candidate Pool

We Catalogue & Respond To Each Applicant

We Grade Applicants According to Your Needs and Build Unique Candidate Profiles

You Have Access to Your Unique Dashboard and Can Review Candidates Anytime You Want!


We Present A Premium Shortlist of Candidates


We Prescreen Top With Our Customized Assessments


You Hire Your Top Applicant




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We offer affordable pricing, but know every company is unique. Contact us with basic info to receive your custom quote.

Paid Ads

Want to do paid advertising? No problem! We will set it up and run sponsored ads. (Employer pays advertising fees.)

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