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Dashboard Example

This is an example of how your unique dashboard looks and functions. 

Page 1: See Your Jobs

Untitled design-110.png

Once you login you will see the list of jobs you have posted. This picture simply shows one job as an example, but all your active jobs will be listed on this page. 

Page 2: See Your Applicants

Untitled design-111.png

When you click on one of your available jobs you will see a list of all your applicants. All job boards forward applications to this dashboard. The dashboard creates unique candidate profiles. You can move your candidates to different stages (shortlisted, contacted, interviewing, etc.) in order to keep them categorized. 

Page 3: Candidate Profile

Untitled design-112.png

When you click on one of your applicants you will get an overview of their skills and personal information. You can make notes & attach files to their profile for later use. 

Page 4: Resume

Untitled design-113.png

Each candidates original resume is available for view and can be downloaded


Anytime you have issues you can contact customer support by clicking the [?] box in the top right corner. You can view a tutorial and can receive live customer support.

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Canadian Company Based in Calgary, Alberta. Our Team has CTMP certification from HR Canada & Digital Marketing Certification through the Red Academy.

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