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Simplifying hiring, building a better team, & saving money. 

We are Canadian company that will serve as your personal recruiting team for an affordable flat-rate price. Simply give us your job post and we will do the rest! 

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Get Better Applicants While Saving Money & Time! 

Most larger organizations hire a Talent Acquisition Specialist or a Recruiter to handle their hiring needs.

Not a larger organization, but want someone to take care of your hiring needs? Hire us! 

Even using standard job boards can have a substantial cost. Posting 2+ to Zip Recruiter starts at 299 / month*. LinkedIn uses a pay per click model. We post to these on your behalf with no added cost! 

Save time & money with Simple Hires.

You give us your job post & we get you applicants. It is that simple. 

We increase your job's reach, personalize the process, and simplify your search by centralizing every applicant in one easy to use database.

Hire us as your personal recruiting team to save money, save time, and get better hires! 


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Increase Your Reach

Add a Personal Touch

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Simplify Your Search

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Increase Your Reach

We increase your reach. Simple Hires posts your job ads to most major & local job boards including: Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn, Indeed, Talent, Google Jobs, Jooble, and +30 more! More job boards = more applicants.  As well, we will include a rewrite of your job ads & will provide a custom social media post so that you can be assured you are putting your best foot forward with candidates! 


We save you moneySome of these boards have a cost associated with posting, but our software does this at no additional cost to you! 

We save you timeWe auto refresh each post on the the job boards every 14 days. Once we receive your job ad we post directly to all of the best job boards. Imagine not having to post to a job board again!

Expanding your reach = more applicants, which =

better hires. 


Personalize the Process

Our team pairs recruiting software with a personal touch. We are a recruiting team that is excited to help you get the right hire! 


Not only do we want to treat you well, but we want to show your applicants a first class experience. Our team will respond to every single applicant and will keep them in the loop with their job progress.

We are also happy to work as your mediatory for candidates and can schedule shortlist 

candidates to further save you time and hassle. 

Applicants are people.

We want them to have an enjoyable experience so that they apply for future roles in your company. We keep an internal candidate pool for future hires.   


Simplify Your Search

Simplify Your Search: All applications (from every job board) come to one easy-to-use database. You can can see an example of this database here. You will get an employer login so that you can review applicants anytime you'd like! It is super simple! No more crowded inboxes or misplacing any applicants. We will filter spam applicants so that you only have to deal with premium candidates.


In-Depth Candidate Profile: Every applicant gets a unique candidate profile. As you review each candidate you can categorize them as: shortlisted, contacted, interviewed, etc. by simply dragging and dropping them. This software even draws information from candidates social media pages and we can auto rank them for you to save you even more time!


Save You Time: This makes it incredibly easy to filter spam applicants & focus your energies on a premium shortlist. 


You will love this feature & it will simplify your life!

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Contact us for pricing. We have one time options, discounts for  multiple bookings, and contracted rates. 

Hit our booking button below to get started. We will follow up with customized hiring information & pricing so that we can get your jobs posted! 

Pricing & Plans 

Pricing and Plans

About Us

Canadian Company Based in Calgary, Alberta. Our Team has CTMP certification from HR Canada & Digital Marketing Certification through the Red Academy. We love to help build teams!

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